Q. What is a concrete overlay, and how does it work?

Our concrete overlay materials are manufactured by Elite Crete Systems. Elite Crete is the industry's leader with over 25 years’ experience producing non-toxic, water compatible hybrid polymer resin based cement. Favoured by contractors, engineers, and public work projects; these systems have been successfully developed, time-tested and used for many internal and external permanent applications both above and below grade. Our system out-performs conventional and other modified cements when resisting chemical attack and weather degradation; and due to its chemical structure, repairs or imperfections in concrete are easily corrected. It adheres tenaciously to most surfaces and, its increased flexibility results in little to no cracking, with a warranted resistance from de-lamination caused by hydrostatic pressure. Our permanent overlays offer longer life, durability, reliability, flexibility, water and chemical resistance, and optional safety (non-slip) textures. Not only are they cost effective and time saving, they are aesthetically appealing as well.

Q. What are the advantages of hybrid polymer overlays?

  • Increased strength compared to normal concrete and other concrete coating products. Elite Crete Systems are rated at 6000 lbs. psi.
  • Highly resistant to salt, chemicals, UV, freeze/thaw, de-lamination, hydrostatic pressure, oil, stains, mildew/fungus, and more depending on seal coat.
  • Cost effectiveness. Elite Crete's products provide a permanent, nearly maintenance free surface that can resemble brick, stone, slate, marble etc. at a fraction of the cost.
  • Ability to apply from the thinnest of a grain of sand up to several inches thick.
  • Wide variety of applications. (Broom finish, spray texture, trowel finish, metallic epoxy, flake…etc.), with almost unlimited and completely customizable color and design options.

Q. How long does the installation process take?

Most jobs take an average of 3-5 days depending on the system or finish that is chosen. Larger jobs may take longer. Most surfaces can be walked on within 24 hours. Heavy usage such as car traffic can resume after a couple days and a week at the most.

Q. What if my concrete is cracked or pitted?

We fix cracks as necessary by opening them up with an angle grinder and filling them with a high quality crack filler. The crack is then covered by the overlay or coating. We cannot control Mother Nature however, and AK Concrete Design does not warranty against cracks returning. It is usually best to try to integrate cracks into the design of the overlay to minimize their visibility should they return.

Q. How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on a number of factors. Type of application, size of the job, amount of prep work involved are all factors determining the final cost. Most jobs average between $4.50/Sq Ft and $7.50/Sq Ft. Sealing rates average between $.75/Sq Ft to $1.25/Sq Ft.

Q. How does your product stand up against oils, stains, salts, and discoloration?

We only use the best quality sealers and coatings on the market. All overlays are sealed with multiple coats upon completion. These sealers protect the overlay, giving it a nonporous finish. The majority of stains due to oil and grease wash off with a mild detergent or plain water. Salt, sand, de-icers, and fertilizers have no effect. Our epoxy floors are top-coated with a polyurethane available in matte or high gloss.

Q. What maintenance do your products require?

We recommend that every 3-5 years the surface be resealed, depending on usage and traffic load. For example, a driveway with heavy car traffic may need to be re-sealed every 3 years, whereas a patio with only foot traffic may only need to be re-sealed every 5 years. Epoxy floors can be re-coated to be brought back to that brand-new look.

Q. Are these products slippery?

Our exterior overlays provide more texture than conventional concrete making them more slip resistant. We add a non-slip additive to the topcoat on our epoxy floors to provide a slip resistant finish.

Q. I have seen some ugly epoxy floors, how do you control the amount of contaminants/debris in the final finish?

It is true that epoxy is never perfect, as dust in the air, bugs, dirt and other contaminants on the floor can wreak havoc on their surface. These cause fish eyes, bumps, and discoloration in the final finish. Not all installers offer the same quality of work and epoxy is tricky to master. AK Concrete Design preps and cleans all floors rigorously before installing any coatings. We also go thicker with each coat, filling in imperfections and leaving a glass smooth finish. Our epoxy floors have a very high success rate and we stand behind every floor we install.

Q. My floor has carpet glue and some high spots, can we still install an epoxy coating?

Yes, AK Concrete Design has the proper prep and dust collection equipment necessary to remove carpet glue, black mastic, and high spots.